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Paris, le 8 Décembre 2008

Communiqué de presse NATIXIS :

Lancement de la Compagnie Européenne de Garanties et Cautions,
un nouvel acteur global de la caution et de la garantie financière.

SAS-MSC is also a designer of highly secure environments :

Venetia, 2009 Feb 2
BOS presented at a NATO Workshop.

Paris, 2008 Dec 8

Paris, 2007 Oct 9-12
BOS and CRYPTO-1 are both  presented at MILIPOL

Monaco, 2007 Apr 18
The  secure BOS in a wireless environment at WIMA 2007

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SAS-MSC is a consultancy with expertise in IT security auditing and solutions, Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence, VoIP and ToIP convergence.

SAS-MSC is a member of the CESIC (Commercial and Industrial Security Circle), an association founded in 1986 and committed to information and assets protection, business intelligence and hightech innovation.
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